Registration for SECO60 are open !


The deadline for registration is 3rd April  2023.




Use the form on your right to start your registration

It will cost 525€.

It includes : the registration, the accomodation, the meals, activities on site and transport.


  • Departure from Albertville train station at 18h30,  May 21st . Please arrive 30min before departure.
  • Departure from accomodation at 10h30,  May 26th in direction of Albertville train station

Payment by purchase order

You will receive more information by email, once your registration will be completed.

Warning, your registration will be effective, only if you have pay everything.

If you are the first to register, but the last to pay. You will not be sure to have a place.

Check your spam for the confirmation email, which includes all the information for the payment.

All registration will give you access for a 10min oral communication in english.

All participants have to furnish an abstract following the template (in attachment).

Download the template








Title of the document following this scheme Firstname.lastname.doc
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Transport * I need the shuttle to Areches-BeaufortI'm going to Areches-Beaufort
Personal Data * I authorize the SECO60 organizing committee to disseminate my name, surname and e-mail address to the sponsors.
Online Planning I authorize the SECO60 organizing committee to use my name, surname, laboratory, title of presentation and e-mail address on the online planning.I authorize the SECO60 organizing committee to use my picture on the online planning.I authorize the SECO60 organizing committee to use my abstract on the online planning.